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I've had my SP-L3's for a few months now. I wear them working (repair, woodwork), gardening, and on daily 1-3 mi. walks. They are the best shoes I've ever had. Really like how light they are, and they are surprisingly tough. So comfortable, I can't really wear my boots anymore since they are so bad by comparison.

I got them partly because I have immune disorder and have to keep my stuff clean or it makes me feel bad. I couldn't really wash my previous leather shoes. The Som's wash as easily as my clothes!

I didn't like the original laces, they loosened too easily. The insoles seem to be getting ragged but I don't really mind, they are replaceable. These are the only complaints I have.

I will wear and repair these to the bitter end and then buy another pair without hesitation. 

Thanks for the great shoes. I really like that you make them in the US too!

D.R of Bellingham, WA
July 2016


I bought a pair of your shoes sometime ago and absolutely love them. I had foot issues along with bad knees and more recently some major ham-string pain.  I wear your shoes walking as I found my hiking boots just added to my problems.  I now wear your shoes for just about everything: yard work, working dogs, walking, shopping, church, etc.  I was recently in Southern Oregon helping my mom with a garage sale.  It was hot.  I went barefooted.  By the end of the day I was in so much pain, I was near tears.  That doesn’t happen when I wear your shoes.  So, thank you for putting out a good product.

J.B. of Rochester, WA
July 2016


Thanks for developing these shoes!  They were awesome in the Spartan race. They are my favorite shoes and even after the race they looked beautiful.  Up walls, through mud, they handled everything.  My teammate's toes got chewed, mine were just fine.  Thanks again for the shoes!

SOMs win races


C.H. of Montrose, CO
May 2016


When my shoes arrived I was initially disappointed because of a large scuff in the leather. I pondered sending them back but after slipping into them there was no way I was waiting for a replacement. I work as a nurse and had been wearing clogs for years. A recent change in positions requires me to be able to move quickly at the drop of a hat. Not an easy feat while wearing clogs. These shoes are extremely comfortable and I have had no issues with breaking them in. They were all day friendly from day 1.

A.M. of Wood River, IL
March 2016


I just wanted to let you know I received my shoes on Wed.  I've worn them to work for 2 days know and I love them.  

When I put them on it's the first time I can think of
that my foot felt right in a shoe.

No tightness, rubbing or bulges to deal with.  A space for my forefoot and toes to breathe and no slippage in my heel. Thank you for all your help.  

M.G. of Madison, WI
March 2016


Well, these pictures are not of the worst of my work times, but they give an idea that my SOMs are not just for looking good, they are for working in!! I hope you don't mind if I've already muddied the shoes?

SOMs hard workSOMs hard at work

I've been wearing them 'hard' this weekend:  they've been to the landfill to empty the trash trailer;  out in the yard gathering pruned tree branches;  digging ditches (little bit muddy);  out in the heavy mist/longish grass while pulling weeds;  hours on the concrete floor of my woodshop;  and running to and from the store. These shoes are sweet!!

Your assurance of dry feet in reasonable moisture situations was right on-  they got quite moist this morning, but my feet stayed dry.  I'm thinking that by the end of this summer, they will be thoroughly broken in.

Thanks, again, for the great deal!
R.S. of Kerrville, TX
March 2016


I took a few months before I replied because I wanted to put my SOM shoes through a testing period. I'm a mailman so when I'm at work, I'm mandated to wear postal approved shoes. However, when I'm off at the end of the day or on Sundays, I've been wearing my SOM shoes religiously.

I have to say that I am very pleased with the durability, comfort, and design of the shoes.

I have had numerous people in public comment on the shoes and I've referred them to your website when they show an interest. After four months of wearing these shoes any time that I am not working, I can attest that the only sign of usage they have is some minor wear on the rubber soles and that's only visible if you turn the shoes over and look for it. Granted, I'm not running or hiking up mountains in these, but they are the most comfortable and durable walking shoes I've ever owned. They are a thousand times more comfortable out of the box than my postal shoes are with custom inserts that are molded to my own feet.

F.W. of Youngstown, OH
March 2016


I really like the shoes and the correct toes do fit the fit is roomy as I intended for thick socks in winter. I am going to order a new pair for summer. Thank you for your wonderful product.

H.C. of Blue River, OR
March 2016


SOM Footwear's lightweight, packable, comfortable, versatile travel shoes.

Custom tennis shoes made in America.

"We went on a two week adventure through Spain and France last September and our SOMs were the only shoes we needed! They were comfortable, stylish, versatile for dining, wine tours, mile of city walking and trail hikes!  I think you already know we love our SOMs, but wanted to share some photos!"

T.J. of Montrose, CO
January 2016


"My new shoes arrived today!  We took a short walk around the field.  They are very comfortable.  I think they will be treat. 

Thank you,

C.W. of Alpine, TX
January 2016


"I have received my shoes.  Great product and I’m still amazed at the strength of such a lightweight shoe. Thank you for a well-made product and for great customer service too!"

D.P. of Tuscaloosa, AL
January 2016



Bonhomme, the mascot of the Carnaval de Quebec.Lightweight comfortable minimalist shoes made in America by SOM Footwear.

"As promised, attached are photos of the soles of my first pair of SOM shoes (and also a photo of an old friend).  I consider myself to be a "heavy user" of your product, so given the duty cycle to which I subject the shoes (I wear them almost daily) I consider the amount of wear indicated in the attached photos to be acceptable and not premature.

I would be happy to return them to you for a resole, as I was going to return them anyway so you can capture long-term wear data that might help with raw materials sourcing or future product development.  Please let me know how you would like to receive these, and I will mail them to you.

Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!  My new pair of SOMs is very comfortable and I am already looking forward to my next pair.


J.E. of Knoxville, TN
January 2016


"I love my SOM's. I live in them. I just ordered another pair. (-:  Great for walking, three miles to work and back. Great for working out. Great for driving.

I had been using Van's a lot, but their toe box is narrow. My Merrell's are more comfortable, but the bright colors and fussy straps felt a bit awkward at the office.

I like your minimalist styles. I can wear your shoes anywhere with anything, with comfort.

I also like your simple and functional Web site. No long waits. No glitches.

I am really glad you make them in USA. I Googled for "Made USA sneakers". That took me to a site that lists you. Right now it's usalovelist.com, although it seems like my first search two months ago found a different list. In any case,you were first on both lists.

G.C. of Norman, OK
November 2015


"I received the shoes and I am very happy with my purchase! Great product! Keep up the good work, and all the best for SOM! One pair is now walking the streets of Germany."

M.L. of Cologne, Germany
October 2015


SOM shoes are good for hiking.

"On top of Crag Crest trail yesterday. Calves are killing me, but my feet never hurt at all."

C.D. of Delta, CO
October 2015

Previous testimonials from 2015                                 To 2016-17-18 Continued