Oct. News: Trailhead Gray, Nutrail Reflect Updates, SOM Durability and Monthly Winners

In this edition, we review the latest in the sports models, the SOM core value of durability, some fun testimonials, and this month’s draw winners.

Pre-Order Trailhead TH4 Gray

Let’s start by saying thank you to the ones who have requested a special edition of their beloved Trailhead. For them - and everyone else - the Trailhead TH4G is now available.

Trailhead (TH4) Gray is now available with the high performance SuperFabric

The Trailhead, introduced in 2019, is SOM's first official sport model. It is still going strong with its 4th generation (TH4). It offers a traditional lacing system with high-performance SuperFabric material. Durable and versatile, it is loved by everyone and is especially popular with people who like tightening their laces more than others. Narrow feet love the Trailhead more than the Nutrail Cross Sport.

SOM Durability Goes A Long Way 

Our company scores very well on the repeat customers percentage. We know that almost 55% of our already customers buy a pair of shoes every week. Interestingly, when we look at the order history of each individual during the order processing, we learn that the frequency per customer can vary from 3 months to 3 years before a new pair of shoes is bought. We often receive comments saying how much you love and appreciate our shoes’ durability and asking us to maintain that high-quality standard. We do our best to make it happen to maximize the time you have your SOMs on before they are ready for recycling. We are proud of our high-quality shoes, a SOM Footwear core value, and we love to know you appreciate it.

Not bad for a gym shoe: 1000 miles and 18 months of daily wear.

Nutrail Reflect Excitement

If you have been with us for a while, you must know how exciting it is to get new material and start the production line of a new model like the NRN announced in the previous newsletter. The rolls of fabric came in earlier than expected this time. That alone gives us a high because it ends the uncertainties – will the materials arrive in time to meet our deadlines?! 

Nutrail Reflect is here.

We are happy to announce that we have started production of the Nutrail Reflect and will be able to begin shipping one week ahead of schedule. You can see here the reflection effect. Orders are processed chronologically, and an email will be sent to you when your pair leaves the factory. We look forward to hearing from you with your first impression and, later, how the shoes perform for you.

Welcome Survey Winners

Your responses to the new survey were welcome and fun to read. You guys are the most active customers a shoe company can dream of!

Congratulations to this month's winners:

1. Blake E. from Cedar Crest, NM
2. James E. from Newark, DE
3. Will G. from Eight Mile, AL

Each winner will get a $20 gift certificate emailed to them individually. When the recipient uses the certificate, we will send a surprise gift inspired by their answers, along with the order. Thank you all for taking the time to tell us more about yourselves.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences, feel and love. We are grateful to serve you.

My only pair of shoes!

SOM Footwear goes to football !

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