Nov. News: Smooth Ride, Zappy Reflect, That's All!

In this edition, we are letting you know how lovely it is to be on a smooth ride, which makes it easier to bring you a new model each month—cheering on!

Dear readers, we’d like to bring to your attention that for the third month in a row, we have nothing to complain about such as suppliers’ issues, breakdown of equipment, glue challenges, or anything else! It is worth cheering SOM on, dear SOM friends, because it is an immense success. Maybe it is simply the beginning of the smooth ride we’ve dreamed of for the past ten years! Yoohoo!

This steady wind makes it easier to deliver a new model each month, and this time, we are wrapping up our offering by ensuring that fans of the traditional lacing system are well served with all the materials available.

New Shoes: The Zappy Reflect

Some of you mentioned that you love the high breathability of the Zappy but are hesitant to take them over more rugged terrains, and you wondered if we could make a Zappy model with a more resistant yet breathable material. As you know, we love your feedback, and we always listen.

Good news! We now offer the Zappy in the same highly abrasion-resistant (no joke, it is very resistant), breathable, and reflective mesh we use in making the Nutrail Reflect NRN model. You now get the same comfort and feel as the original Zappy, but in a much tougher material.

Zappy Reflect ZRN

Welcome to the Zappy Reflect ZRN! Our gym-going customers won’t be limited in this new version and can go out and about in this abrasion resistant shoe with confidence. Don't hesitate to take them to the most rugged places, like in the desert, on your favorite trails, and anywhere you want at night… during the day, it's OK too. 


Zappy Reflect Black Launch Price

The launch price is $10 off ($164 instead of $174) until November 19th, 2023. We’ve already started production, and we’ll ship your size as soon as it becomes available. First come, first served.

Survey Giveaway Winners

Keep contributing to our survey with your contagious enthusiasm. It makes us smile and grow. You are awesome.

The winners are:

  1. Eric D. from Charlottesville, VA
  2. Ron M. from Sequim, WA
  3. Blythe C. from Urbandanle, IA

Each winner will get a $20 gift certificate emailed to them individually. When the recipient uses the certificate, we will send a surprise gift inspired by their answers, along with the order. Thank you all for taking the time to tell us more about yourselves.


Every time you share your story, you make each of SOM Team member smiles. Thank you!

Richard from Blackberry Smoke Band
When we met Blackberyy Smoke Band
Richard, from Blackberry Smoke rock band contacted us to make
a special delivery. We got to enjoy a great show. Since then,
Richard has been a SOM happy customer and us, big fans!
They rock!

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