New arrivals, new models, new processes—it's all happening at SOM Footwear!

We have had quite a busy end to our year here at SOM Footwear.  Taking a break from production has not been easy (read our previous newsletters to learn more), but it has allowed us to focus our efforts on updating some of our processes and equipment.  We are very optimistic about where things are going and are grateful to have you along with us for the ride.

New Machine Arrives

New machine arrivesAn important part of our production changes arrived this week: a brand new piece of equipment!   Our excitement about the new machine comes from the fact that it will allow us to speed up production while further reducing our material waste.  In tune with our values, the machine is built right here in the USA.  We will be starting off our new year bright and early with the technician getting the newest member of the SOM Footwear factory up and running.

Besides the excitement that comes with learning about a new machine, Olie is definitely thrilled about the flexibility this new piece of equipment will bring to SOM Footwear.  Trying out new designs and improving upon current ones will become a much easier process.  We are really looking forward to being able to meet higher demand more quickly.  This flexibility should also allow us to finally expand our size offerings—stay tuned!


Model Updates

Olie is diligently testing and tweaking his new model as we wait for everything else to fall in place.  Much of this development is still under wraps but once we are confident that the design meets the standards that you expect of SOM Footwear, we will share with you all of the exciting details.  Even though we are in a holding pattern for production, we do still offer re-soling.  While you are anxiously awaiting that newest pair, feel free to get in touch ( about how we can keep your current pair looking great. 


SOM Footwear attended a number of tradeshows this fall including ANPIC in Mexico, NBM Show and the Colorado Apparel Manufacturing Summit in Denver.

Many Thanks

Though Thanksgiving has passed, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and support as we position ourselves to better serve you.  We expect  to resume production in early 2017.  In the meantime, you are always welcome to contact us with any inquiries or sign up for this newsletter to be one of the first to know when we are once again accepting orders.  Just as many of you are ready to add SOM shoes to your closet, we are impatient to get back to manufacturing great footwear for you.  As one of our customers recently said, "It’s worth the wait!"

Death Valley
SOM Footwear Team was at Death Valley National Park over Thanksgiving.  What a great opportunity for Olie to test his new model on rugged and rough terrain!


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  • Just finished coaching athletes today. Still wearing my SOM footwear as I coach. Spent hours recently looking for a marathon and ultra distance minimalist running shoe with very little satisfaction. Need durability and responsiveness over long miles. Holding out for the next SOM options.

    Ollie and Natalie: happy holidays. Can’t wait to see what you have to offer. Boston is in 4 + months. Will I be running in one if your shoes? Do I need to keep searching for an alternative?

    All the best.

    Bill Haffey
  • Olie
    Looking forward to your restart. Wearing my last pair I got in the spring and looking forward to visiting you in Montrose once the winter abates. Good luck.


    Lee Bergman

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