June News: Changes, Projects, Love, Reflection

This newsletter has a feeling of new beginnings. Changes and new projects are on the horizon, filled with the love of the SOM community. This 4th of July will have a very special meaning to us as we are reaching our 9th-year anniversary.

Yes, 9th Anniversary and Pondering

Being a USA shoe manufacturer feels like it comes as a responsibility. Once you have taken that leap, by virtue of optimism to make a difference (and quite a bit of innocence in our case), you automatically become a symbol of the “American Dream” coming true. The majority of our customers, and even the ones we can’t shoe (I know, horses are shoe-d but it makes sense, right!), warmly thank our team for keeping our manufacturing here. As the years are adding up, this responsibility, innocently imposed on us, is questioned periodically and, in this economy, our faith in its feasibility is challenged more than ever. Reflecting on our past adds some balm to our heart and pacifies our mind.

Being a USA shoe manufacturer feels like it comes as a responsibility.

The first pairs of SOMs were sold July 31 2014 at a very small, local farmers market in our, then, cowboy-ranchers-home-town: Norwood. We have learned so much since that very first contact with the public. To make sure people tried the shoes on, we had a test-drive survey and many people gave us feedback that day. We knew half of the town, so it was kind of an easy approach in our humble debuts. It was very interesting to hear what they felt while trying a pair of minimalist sneakers for the first time. Many of them knew only cowboy boots! Already, we started listening and taking notes to improve the product as we went, and we never stopped listening. Processes and adding to our product lines takes time but, optimistically, we keep moving forward.

Join us to celebrate SOM's 9th year anniversary

On July 27th, we will do what we like to do when one has a birthday: share a cake, but this time with the SOM community. We invite you, wherever you are, to lift your glass and toast to the SOM community.

Lift your glass and toast to the SOM community.

If you can, we would like to extend an invitation to join us in person. We will be serving cake and beverages at the SOM factory in Montrose, CO., between 11am and 5pm. All of our customers and SOMs’ friends are welcome! Please R.S.V.P here by July 20th so we can make sure we have plenty of cake.

SOM is celebrating 9 years in July. Cake and champagne !

Skateboarding in your SOMs: Yes or No ?

Are any of you skateboarding in your SOMs? We know a couple of you who do, but we are curious to know if there are any more among our customers. We would like to know if any of you are active in skateboarding. If so, can you find 5 minutes to share more about your activity and educate us in that field, if your SOMs are serving you well or not when skateboarding, and if you could advise us what we could do to improve their performance? We have prepared a short questionnaire for you to answer. Click here to answer it.

Do you skateboard in your SOMs?

Price increase July 10th

 The 4th of July is upon us and with it, you will see a significant price increase on all our products starting on the 10th. The inflation has found us too! Despite that, we are still the cheapest sneaker made in America and the only one offering resoling. We stand behind our products and we are here to answer your calls, right here where our shoes are made, but you know all of that already.

SOM serves hikers of all ages!

If something is inspiring in life, it is to see people who have reached their golden years with class and continue to thrive athletically. Many of them would not qualify their exploits as exceptional as they see it as just the continuation of their active life. Nonetheless, to others it is a daily inspiration to follow. For our shoemaker one of these persons is his mom. He was just traveling with her in Iceland where she joined him, his wife and his sister on every hike possible in Iceland in rain or shine - AND wind! As she likes to say: please make it easy today, remember I will be “4 times 20” in less than a year. Here you can see her, in her SOMs of course, hiking to a glacier. Three weeks later, she was in the Dolomites, Italy, hiking daily in another pair of SOMs. Her secret is simple: keep going!

An inspiring mom in her SOMs on her last trip with our shoemaker.


Share a blog

We have had a good time blogging in the past few weeks. If you have a chance to read them, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below the blog or share it with someone you love but who hasn’t converted to barefoot shoes yet. Those specific blogs are for them.

How To Lift Heavier And Get Better Workouts In Barefoot Shoes when you have NEVER done it before
How To Successfully Start Running In Barefoot Shoes
The surprising health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

The latest additions are going strong

The latest additions are going strong. Write a review on our socks.

Since the announcement of our newest releases: the Urban Trekker Teal, the Urban Trekker Burgundy and the new AdventureSOMe socks, all have been going strong. We are happy to know that you love the new color additions. We know you were missing the socks and we couldn’t be happier to work with a USA sock manufacturer again. They are yet to be reviewed, so do let us know what you think about them by writing a review here.


New Retirees

All of our mesh shoes: the Nutrail Air Light Gray, the Nutrail Air Gray, and the Nutrail Air Light Blue are now joining the Last Chance Models collection. If you would like to purchase one of those models be sure to do so now since sizes are limited. 

The last chance models include all the mesh models.

Factory 2nd Online Store

Our Factory Seconds discount store has received some new additions and sizes. We have added some pairs of slightly worn shoes of one of our best sellers, the Nutrail Cross Sport. They served for a couple of workouts when we visited CrossFit gyms and events. They have since been washed and are ready for more! You can the website here.

Factory 2nds website logo

Spread the Joy of SOM on Google

If you have a few minutes and you haven’t done it yet, please add a Google review. It helps to spread the joy of SOM to others! And to us also; we can’t tell you enough how motivating it is to the entire crew. We, all together, celebrate and appreciate all reviews, which are making us add more heart into our work each time!

Scan this QR code to leave a review on Google.

Follow this link or scan the QR code above to write a review on Google.

The Winners’ Giveaways are…

Each newsletter brings new winners who will receive quality American-made items tailored specifically to each participant. A value pack of $25+ that we take time to tailor to each winner! This month’s giveaway survey winners are:

  1. C. Copeland from Fremont, NH - 3rd pair
  2. S. Fueller from Croton-On-Hudson, NY - 1st pair
  3. T. Barrette from River Falls, WI - 2nd pair

Testimonials: warm up our hearts

Trailhead has received a 5 star review.
Title: Best Do Anything Shoe!
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Mark W from Seattle WA

I've been waiting to do this review until I got some miles on these shoes. I bought the Trailhead and the HILite.

This is the barefoot style shoe I was looking for since I got into barefoot style shoes.

A classic design. Robust enough for daily work. Breathable for working out. Light enough for running. Look cool enough to wear out with any outfit.

When I travel and don't have a lot of room for extra shoes. This is the shoe I bring. Just got done a month in the west Texas desert. These shoes held up great.

Super wide. Amazing comfort with a pair of toe socks. Thin enough to have barefoot feel, but thick enough to work outside all day in the desert without goat heads piercing your foot. I do heavy weight lifting with these shoes and have zero issues.

The only gripe I have with these shoes is that the tread isn't the best for turf and grassy environments. But they are still usable.

No shoe can do everything perfectly, but this shoe is all around good shoe for almost anything. If I could only own 1 shoe, it would be any of the SOM low height sporty shoes.

Also, they are made in the USA!!! Buy a pair now. You won't regret it!


Testimonial: I can finally say that I’ve found my “PERFECT ALL-AROUND” .
Testimonial: I Just wanted to share where I am rocking my SOMs right now.


I am 79 yr.old and I am hiking the Dolomites in my SOMs!


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  • Happy 9th Birthday SOM and many more to come! I tried one pair of Trailhead for a year. I fell in love with them and ordered three more pairs for backup. Keep it all American and you will have me for life.


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