January Newsletter: Two Limited Edition Shoe Colors, Giveaway Winners, and a NEW LOOK for SOM

On behalf of SOM Footwear team we sincerely wish you all health and happiness. May your eyes be able to smile at everyone they meet.

It’s the New Year, and we are excited to jump into it like never before. From the upcoming TWO LIMITED EDITION COLORS to announcing GIVEAWAY WINNERS to highlighting the NEW LOOK of somfootwear.com, 2023 has many things on the horizon that make us very excited for the new year.

We can't wait to share more surprises with you over the coming months. The anticipation is killing us! We feel like eager puppies ready for the next adventure, or the next ball to catch, which inspired our new tagline: UNLEASH YOUR FEET!

unleash your feet in a comfortable zero drop shoe

Joyful Avo Almost GONE

Our Joyful Avo Urban Trekkers are on sale and almost sold out, and just like our HiLite in Blue mid tops, when they're gone, they won't be coming back.

If you're in the market for a classic walking shoe that blends faux leather textures with cheerful tones that brighten every room they enter, then don't wait any longer!

Sizes are limited, so click here to get your pair before they are gone.

bright colorful shoes on sale

High-performance trainers in 2 Limited Edition Colors

On Jan. 25th, we will release TWO new limited edition colors for the Nutrail Air: LIGHT BLUE and LIGHT GRAY. Attack your workouts in barefoot-feel gym shoes that breathe as they flex for precise performance during the hardest activities.

The limited production runs of Light Blue and Light Gray Nutrail Air won't last long, so be ready to reserve your size before they're out of stock.

If you are a SOM VIP member, you will have early access to reserve your pair before they are released to the public. Just one of many benefits of having a SOM VIP membership. You can read more about SOM VIP below.

limited edition wide toe box shoes

New Homepage Look

It’s a new year, so time for a new look! When you visit somfootwear.com, you will find a new layout, fresh images, and an updated navigation to improve and enhance your web experience. Find what you’re after faster and Unleash Your Feet in the perfect pair of barefoot-feel, active, comfortable shoes made in Colorado. We are dedicated to helping you free your toes so you can play indefinitely like a puppy!

the best minimalist footwear for comfortable feet

Unique to SOM Footwear: Honoring Your Benefits

Unlike any other shoe company, our SOM VIP program (previously called Shipping Prime) offers a full year of savings, from 1 free resoling to extend the life of your favorite pair, to 1 free shipping exchange or return, allowing you to try on our shoes and return them at no cost!

  • How much can I save with a SOM VIP membership for $24.95?
    • Save $39 for a free resoling after your second full-priced shoe purchase.
    • 1 free shipping exchange or return to save on shipping return hassles if you wish to resize.
    • $5 off on every additional pair at regular prices you buy during that year.
    • Free shipping for a year!
  • What happens if you don’t need a new pair within several years?
  • We honor your free shipping and $5 off on that next pair and keep you eligible for a free resoling.

  • Why do we do this?
  • Because it is the way we would like to be treated as a consumer. In the past, this program was mandatory to help us overcome the cost of shipping. Today, you have the choice to subscribe and that is the reason the price of VIP has gone up, though, as we’ve detailed above, it is still a very high value program.

    We understand why other companies don't do this kind of program. It is a challenge to manage, almost impossible to make it as simple as possible to understand, and there is no checkout program that can make it automatic; it has to be managed manually. But despite these challenges, SOM Footwear offers this program because we love our customers.

    Monthly Giveaway Winners

    Congratulations! to our latest Survey Winners:

    • Carl Hayes
    • Peter Youn
    • Kenneth Hoesch

    They recently bought a pair of SOMs and completed our 2-minute survey with contact information, to be placed into a drawing for American-made items tailored specifically to them with a value of $25+. The more you share, the better we can serve you, and we are grateful for your time.

    We will announce 3 NEW WINNERS every newsletter from those who have completed the 2-minute survey with contact information.
    customer survey about quality colorado-made footwear

    We will announce 3 NEW WINNERS every newsletter so stay tuned!

    New Multi-purpose Headband

    A neck gaiter, a ski mask, a hair tie, a scarf, and a bandana all in one! Pick up the SOM

    Our multi-purpose SOM headband is just as versatile as our shoes!

    headband for the gym

    We recently launched our first multi-purpose headband before Thanksgiving, and the response has been so overwhelming, we only have a couple left. Whether as a neck gaiter, a ski mask, a hair tie, a scarf, or a bandana, this multifunctional headband is just as versatile as our SOM Footwear. We are almost out of this current design run, but we are working on a new design to release before the holidays, so follow us on social media so you don’t miss out!

    Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman on Sale

    Whole Body Barefoot, by Biomechanist Katy Bowman, features over 20 exercises (with photos and step-by-step instructions) on transitioning safely and effectively from conventional shoes to more natural footwear.

    You can pick up your copy here.

    Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman

    Recent Reviews

    Check out what recent fans of SOM are saying, and if you have a chance, leaving a review not only lets us hear from you, but your feedback helps reach new customers as well:

    "This is my first pair of SOMs. I'm very used to zero drop wide toe box shoes, but with a bit more padding under foot (good for my 70 year old feet). So it took me some time to get used to a thinner sole for daily hiking on nearby trails. Now I love my Nutrail Airs. It's hard to see how beautifully designed they are until you wear them regularly. And, who else re-soles lightweight trail shoes?" -G.B. of Eugene, OR, December 2022

    "I have done everything from play basketball to jog to DoorDash in these shoes [Nutrail Air]. They hold up great and keep my feet in good health." -P.F. of Charlotte, NC, December 2022

    "I absolutely love these shoes [Trailhead]! First of all, they fit like a glove (size 13) and they are very comfortable! I wear them at the gym when doing cardio or weightlifting and they are perfect for both activities. I also wear them to work and I am comfortable in them even after 10 hours... Thanks SOM for making such a great product that’s comfortable and made in the USA!" -R.R. of Arlington Heights, IL, December 2022

    "I just got my Trailheads back after a resole and they're just like new. They are my favorite everyday model, but I also own the Classic [Norwood Classic], the leather [Urban Trekker], the HiLite and the Nutrail. Can't say enough good things about these shoes... Get some!” -L.C. of Sacramento, CA, December 2022

    "Comfortable, lightweight, versatile, quality shoes. Tempted to buy a backup pair. Please keep this style [Nutrail Air] around SOM!" -S.K. of Highlands, NJ, January 2023

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