Innovation drives us forward

Innovation drives us forward wiht the new model HiLite. SOM newsletter of December 2020

Our shoemaker is always in search of excellence, and the new model -  HiLite, is a bold step in that direction. Our SOM Footwear motto, written more than 6 years ago, is still true today:

“Here at SOM Footwear we work both individually and as a team to achieve high quality standards...and always consider customer satisfaction when judging the quality of our products. We are only satisfied by our work when we are confident we will exceed customers' satisfaction.”

Let’s learn more about what it means with this new model.


Our drum roll got fatigued after so many months of us whispering about this new model - but it hasn’t been in vain!

We are happy to tell you everything you need to know. As mentioned before, this model took the longest in recent years to be ready for production. The changes are significant. 

HiLite, the new mid-top from SOM Footwear

First of all, it is a mid-top, much different from our low ankle shoe profile that you are used to. A mid-top shoe has been a long-standing demand by many of our patient customers. A story that repeats itself; for example, during our first years, we had requests for bigger sizes, and it took us 3 years to finally be able to expand our size range. Here, the wait hasn’t been as long, but still noticeable. We have very patient customers - and the best in the world!

During its conception, our shoemaker, Olie, also invested in new equipment and tested numerous types of materials. We know that the feel of the HiLite will surprise more than one of you. If you are a person who likes high-tops in general, your feet will say, “Oh yeah, baby!” We can tell you already the prototypes attracted compliments during the many times we’ve test-driven them!

What to expect?

HiLite, SOM mid-top on a rocky trail HiLite, SOM mid-top that does canyoneering HiLite, a mid-top that crossfit

As you already know, Olie is an active crossfitter and avid outdoor enthusiast, so don’t be surprised to learn that he made this new model as versatile as the other SOM models. He likes to wear the same pair of shoes for anything he does daily or on the weekend. It took several adjustments to have the HiLite perform as desired when doing jump box, double unders, burpees, running up steep trails and back, all with the level of comfort that he demands of his other SOMs. It was vital for him to feel comfortable in this model, as much as the others, while doing all kinds of activities. By achieving this goal of comfort, he knows this model will serve the needs of his customers.

Its name

The HiLite name came naturally as work on the shoe was coming to an end. Hi to the outdoors, or high as a mid-top. Lite or Light because it really feels like there is less shoe on your foot.


Olie wanted to make the HiLite more flexible than the other SOM shoes; more flexible even than the Trailhead. To achieve that, he used the latest technical materials and fabrics, such as a different version of the Super Fabric. Also, instead of lining the HiLite with the 3D mesh, he used a smooth and durable synthetic suede. One of his goals was to make the HiLite as soft as possible - no hard elements in the shoe - so he also eliminated the eyelets.

The mid-top provides extra ankle protection from dust, rocks, and dirt, whether you’re walking on a city street, or running or hiking on rough trails. The outsole remains the same except for its color. Look does matter! A black outsole on a light blue upper - the shoemaker’s original combination - was just too much of a contrast, and he changed the black outsole to a gray. 

The HiLite can be tightened up using six holes or seven holes, depending on the activity and the preferred feel.

Flexibility, light weight, and resistance make the HiLite unique on the market and the most innovative model of the SOM collection. Find the product page here.

Tech Sheet HiLite, SOM Mid-Top

AweSOM Fall Photo Contest

During our latest photo contest, we had a great time receiving pictures of your SOMs and your pets. We thank everyone who made this a fun event, including our Colorado product providers.

Every week’s winner received $25 off their next SOM pair at regular price, a pair of SOM Fun socks, and our latest stickers. At the last minute we added Colorado real meat dog treats, and for the final two winners there was also 250 g fresh roasted coffee sponsored by Cimarron Roasters from Montrose Colorado.

This was a one-month-long giveaway which people could enter. To one lucky winner, we gave a Grand Prize of $100+ value including: 

  • Cimarron Coffee Roasters from Montrose CO: 250 g of fresh roasted coffee
  • $30 value Women’s Bean Project goods from Denver CO: Chili Picante Plantain Chips, Firehouse #10 Chili, Lentil Soup, Golden Cornbread, Chocolate Brownies
  • $15 gift card at Lucky Tree Studio from Montrose CO, and a wisdom ornament
  • $10 gift card at Wild Zora from Loveland CO, plus air-dry fruit mixes without dyes, sulfates, or preservatives.
  • Skinny Crisp, Boulder CO - Tasteful samples
  • A Bluecorn Beeswax votive candle (15 hour burn time), from Ridgway, CO
  • $25 gift certificate on your next pair of SOMs, our newest stickers, and a wood postcard
Here are just a few of the fun pictures we received
I would do anything for treats A star, I am of the photo contest Did you say bacon or SOM ? I look pretty with those SOMs
Nice kicks! Peanut, the cat! I'll be the first to get the treat, I promise! Does she see me behind those shoes?

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Flag or no Flag

We’ve been receiving a few comments from people about the use of the American flag on our shoes. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us your feelings. The American flag is a symbol of this country and is a simple way to express the fact that our shoes are made in the USA. Our use of it is not, and never has been, intended as a political statement.

We have been using the flag or the Made in USA tag until now but that may change in the future. The design and look don’t always allow us to use either. Please be aware that we do special orders so, if you prefer, you may order shoes without the flag, which may include some additional fees. If you are interested in placing a special order in the future, you are welcome to contact us by email.

Be aware: an American flag or 'USA tag' on a product doesn't always mean that it was made here. SOM Footwear is MADE in Colorado - not just designed, but MADE from raw materials to finished product. We are the ONLY sneaker company in Colorado that manufactures shoes.
Flag or no flag on SOM shoes, in general we prefer the flag.

We love epic pictures

We receive testimonials on a regular basis, and yet, not that many pictures...if you happen to have one to share, please do, we love them at the factory and they motivate us to work harder. Here are the most recent testimonials we receive.

6 miles adventure hike with my SOMs

Testimonial on SOM shoes

A SOM family story.


  • Super pumped to fined this brand and what yall stand for! Def going to buy some of those all black hightops!

    Weston Anderson
  • I like made in the USA. For me the flag is for all Americans and wannabe Americans. Immigrants built this country and we should continue to be that blessed country . I am proud of this aspect of the flag.

    Tim Montgomery
  • Nathalie and Olie and team. Job well done. So happy to see the new HiLite shoe. I hope this shoe and the TH3 lift you into a very busy realm. So happy for you.

    Ralph Cox
  • Wow! Unique and wonderful – just what we have come to expect from SOM. Love it!! Congrats on your new “baby”!!!


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