February News: Expanding Our Line Of The Traditional Lacing System And Short Supply Of Fabric

This is a short month with “SOM” good news. In brief: expanding our line of traditional lacing system shoes with mesh versions; what has been fun about the newsletter survey/giveaway winners’ gifts; short supply of fabric for our sporty models; your testimonials: our rewards. 

Traditional lacing system shoes in mesh versions

For the ones who prefer our traditional lacing system with the Trailhead and Urban Trekker, you now have additional options. We just added two mesh versions for your hardcore training workout sessions. Find the new Zappy in limited edition mesh colors: light blue and light gray. Many thanks to our customers who suggested the idea. We love hearing from you and, even more, bringing you what you like. Happy listeners of your demands since 2014.

New SOM gym-shoe Zappy

Naming Zappy

Why Zappy some people ask? Because they really are zappy. We’re keeping up with our tradition, which we revealed in this blog some years ago, of naming our models with heart and feeling. The challenge is to find a word that fits the entire feeling of the shoe. This new model is fun with endless color possibilities, full of life, active and outgoing, ready to take on your next workouts in the same comfort you are used to. Traditional lacing system with a touch of color in the gym.

Newsletter Giveaway Winners and Special Gifts

Congratulations! to our latest Survey Winners:

  • Tom hammond
  • Nathan A. Sims
  • Jim Marsh

Thank you to each of you who answered our 2-minute survey when you placed an order. The information we collect helps us understand and serve our customers better. We really appreciate hearing more from you. 

Your wish gift is ...


For each newsletter, we randomly choose three survey participants who will receive a giveaway of quality American-made items. The value pack is $25+, tailored specifically to each participant, which has been a stimulating task. When someone expresses a wish to get a speed car, or a 1971 vintage guitar, we have to be very creative to stay within our budget, in addition to supporting our local artists and manufacturers as much as possible. It is with a grin that we pack the gift box, wondering what will be our recipient's reaction. If it makes them smile, we have succeeded! We can change the world one smile..and one pair of comfortable barefoot-style made-in-usa sneakers at a time!  ;-)

Sleek and shiny that goes really fast.

We will announce three new winners in every newsletter from those who have completed the 2-minute survey with their contact information.

Fabric in Short Supply

Once again, we are facing a short supply of the SuperFabric material, which is an important technical material we use in our sporty models: Trailhead, Nutrail Cross Sport and HiLite in black (HLN). And we can’t get an estimated date for its return yet. Our stocks are getting low in all sizes. If you are planning to get a pair soon, don’t wait too long - or sign up for our Stock Alert to be the first informed about the return of inventory.


Short supply sport models

Recent 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

Your testimonials are our rewards for our hard work. Keep them coming, please. We can’t say it enough. Your pictures, especially the ones with your pets, always bring us smiles. Your feedback will help potential customers decide to try SOM as well and will change the world for the better. Happy feet go a long way! 

Here are some of the most recent ones.

Enjoying my Trailheads. I usually buy a pair of shoes that I can wear all day every day. That is what I have been doing with the Trailheads. Sense of motion is what I literally get with them, being like moccasins or bare feet. Have had foot issues with past shoes and was a bit worried about the minimalist build of these. So far, very comfortable and I think that will continue. Just wish I could get them with cleats for golfing. Proud to buy Colorado/USA. Hope your good work doesn’t grow you out of Montrose.

K.B. of Arvada, Colorado, Feb. 2023
(bought them in Dec.)

Picked up my new Nutrail Air - Light Blues off the front porch two hours ago. Tried them one hour ago - they fit great. Just finished my first workout (indoors, hey it's Michigan) five minutes ago - they feel fantastic. Kudos to y'all on a great shoe!

R.D. of Portland Michigan, Feb. 2023

Testimonial of the gym-shoe Nutrail Air light blue.

"Love these shoes. Just received my fifth pair today... These are the most comfortable shoes. I've had two pairs resoled. Love that they are lightweight and not bulky."

-L.M. of Washington, DC, January 2023

Love these shoes!

"These shoes are so comfortable and practical. I recommend these shoes for casual wear and exercise."

-V.H. of Manassas, VA, January 2023

The shoes are so comfortable.

"I stumbled upon SOMs while searching for American made shoes and I have not bought another brand since. I bought these 1st for work, and now own 3 different pairs, probably soon to be 4. These shoes are the best!"

-T.H., January 2023

Have you missed our most recent newsletter, find them here.



  • Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to write us a note. It motivates the entire crew when they know their hard work serves well. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of your SOMs’ adventures.

  • I purchased my first pair of SOM in early August. I have never encountered such comfortable shoes. Honestly I have not taken them off since then. I have recommended SOM to anyone who asks about them. Comfort has always been on the top of my list and I promise you when you put them on, being soooo comfortable you will forget to take them off. I will be ordering another pair, not because these are wearing, but because I will never buy another. brand of shoe again.

    Amy Spielman
  • To answer your question, it may be because you like to be very snugged in your shoes or you have a narrower foot. In both situations, the laces might look too long for certain people. In this situation, we propose to switch laces to a shorter length. Feel free to contact us via email (somteam@somfootwear) and we’ll help you out.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes. The best part of my day use to be coming home and taking off my shoes, but with the these shoes its like going barefoot and I can wear all the time. Thank you Would love to try the high tops some time, I’ve been having a little ankle issue, I bet they would be great.
    Thanks for what you do!

    Robin Berndt
  • Can you share with me why your laces are so long? I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how to lace up my SOMs without looking like I have bowties on my shoes.


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