5 Years of Customer Love

A big big thank you!

This year marks SOM Footwear’s 5-year anniversary! We would like to start off with a big thank you to all of our valued customers! With your continued love, support, and appreciation we are thriving more than ever. 

Olie, CEO, founder, shoemakerThose five years went by fast but what an adventure!  One of our customers said not so long ago, ‘SOM shoes came a long way!’ I can’t agree more when I look at our very first models, the CAM-L or SP-L, and compare those to our most recent model, the Trailhead. Aesthetically improved for sure, to say the least! We came across a lot of challenges, but I believe that challenge is what makes life exciting and there is always something to learn from any situation. As I mentioned in previous blogs, constructive feedback from our customers is what makes us grow and constantly improve our product,” says Olie, the CEO and shoemaker of the company. 



Nathalie, CFO, co-founderMy reflection on these past 5 years is that challenges make you a better person every day. I cherish what I am learning and experiencing throughout the years and continue to be in love with our customers; a love that started on day one. Yes, we offer a great product, but serving our customers, helping them to find a good fit, even if it is to help them find another shoe brand, brings me joy. The best is when we hear stories from our customers wearing their SOMs. I just love to be a little part of their SOMs journey. We seem to change a life, a pair of feet (sometimes a single foot) at every turn,” says Nathalie, the CFO and co-founder of SOM Footwear.  

We will continue our deep dedication to making quality shoes so you can “treat your feet right!”

You will see in our latest video how much fun we have producing, and putting to the test,  the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. Take a minute to watch From Our Shoe Factory to Your Playground!

Take a minute to watch From Our Shoe Factory to Your Playground


Giving Back to the Community

Being part of the community has been important to us, contributing our time or goods to local organizations as much as we are able. Among the local organizations we support are: Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership - protecting the land and natural resources; Partners-West - building one-to-one youth mentoring, and; Hope West - hospice and supporting grief. Our favorite national non-profit is Clothing Across America, which helps to restore dignity, one thread at a time, and provides hope for a brighter future. SOM Footwear was able to donate over $32,000-worth of shoe value in our first 5 years... every bit helps.

Holidays are around the corner

SOM Footwear is offering a Holiday Promotion this year for their customers, to show their Holiday cheer! The promotion starts in November and will last through the end of December or while supplies last: 

holiday promotion, Colorado made socks, handmade headbands

With the purchase of a regular-priced pair of shoes, SOM Footwear customers will have the wonderful option of adding a pair of high quality, Colorado-made socks for 35% off - which makes them less then $10 a pair! Also, along with this deal, customers will receive a free, limited-time, fun, double-sided headband! These add-ons are great bonuses and would make awesome stocking stuffers!

Endorsement from Dr. Ray 

Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Correct Toes help the foot rehabilitate from the negative effects of conventionally-shaped footwear. The device, made of soft, flexible silicone, encourages the toes back into their natural alignment found at birth. With progressive and consistent use while active and weight-bearing, toes align and feet strengthen, restoring your foot’s original position and function. This is what Dr. Ray had to say about SOM Footwear and the Trailhead model…

Dr Ray endorsement of Trailhead Som Footwear

Here is a fun fact about feet….

Did you know there are over 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet? Those sweat glands produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day! 

Be sure you are wearing the right socks as winter approaches! Remember to get your pair of
SOM socks today!

Currently these models are being retired: Urban Trekker (Blue, Sepia) SOM’ore, Briquette (Red, Blue, Purple), Nightfall (White, Red, Blue), Ambition, and Bicycle. 

Retires, Nightfall White, Urban Trekker Blue, Urban Trekker Sepia, Ambition, Briquette Red

There are still some sizes available in the retiring models, but not many! So move quickly!

Keep checking the website for the new and upcoming models! 

As always, we like to share with you a few recent testimonials and reviews, which are the fuel for our journey. Read more here.


A beautiful story and testimonial that really fuel our journey.

Do I love my SOMs? Absolutely.

I wish you sell all you shoes and there is happy feet all over the nation!




  • Chère Véronique,
    C’est un plaisir de savoir que votre fille adore ses chaussures. Merci du fond du coeur!

  • Bonjour
    Ma fille ne quitte plus ces SOM depuis la rentrée scolaire. Elles sont parfaites pour son confort et pour son look de collégienne.
    Les derniers modèles sont très réussis.
    Bonne continuation

    Latreille Véronique
  • Hello Sheila,

    Thank you for the continued support! So happy you are enjoying your SOM’s!

  • John & I love your shoes and tell everybody we meet about them. They’re awesome while walking on the beach!

    Sheila Arnot
  • Hello Shirley,

    Thank you so much for the love and support! We will continue to produce fantastic shoes for you because we want you to have SOM’s for the rest of your life. :-)


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