Transitioning to Minimalist Footwear, Bike Month Recap & More- May 2015


We hope you are doing well and enjoying Spring time! Here at the factory we've certainly been staying busy! Here is whats been happening with the SOM Team.

Transitioning to Minimalist Footwear
Podiatrist recommended SOM Footwear encourages a natural gait.
We've had a lot of great questions lately regarding making the transition from conventional shoes to minimalist footwear.  We've created a new page on our website regarding minimalist footwear that we think will help answer some of your questions and concerns about making the switch. Once you start wearing healthy footwear, your whole body will thank you!

New Light Mesh for Summer

Summer is almost here, and we thought it was the perfect time to introduce our new light mesh. If you thought your SOM's were light and breathable before, just wait until you try our new, American made light mesh! Light mesh now comes standard on all Nag-iisa models and all SP-L3 models that we will be producing in the future.

May is Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Recently, SOM creators Olie and Nathalie and our Marketing Director Tammy teamed up with our local Bicycle Advocacy Group to clean up trash along the bike path downtown! It was cold and rainy, but very rewarding at the end! The river and bike path looked fantastic when we were done and we made some great new friends in the process. We are already looking forward to next year's clean up!

New Pattern Released

To celebrate National Bike month, we've also rolled out a brand spankin' new pattern! What do you think?!Bicycle sneakers from American made SOM Footwear.
To order your own pair of bicycle shoes (the pink laces are optional!) or browse our other new patterns, you can visit our website. We are getting ready to retire our current Nag-iisa patterns and introduce new ones! Follow us on Facebook for a chance to vote for the next set of prints! 

Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2015 was recognized world wide as Fashion Revolution Day. Inspired by the Rana Plaza tragedy of 2013, Fashion Revolution Day encouraged people from 71 countries around the world to ask their favorite brands via social media who made their clothes. In our most popular blog of the year, we give you the run down on the revolution and show you who made your SOMs! 
Fashion Revolution- who made your American made SOM Footwear

Summer Festivals

For most of us, Summer time means spending more time outside. Well, we've been doing just that- the SOM Team has been attending festivals and gear swaps though out the state of Colorado. It's been great to meet so many new people and we've been so inspired by your stories! 

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