The Importance of Leaving Reviews

I feel like we need to touch on this subject: why are customer reviews so important? Even though they are sometimes time-consuming to write, they mean a lot to the businesses and to other people shopping out there. It’s the Holiday season, when shopping is at its highest point, and people are asking themselves, “What is the quality of this product; how well did it turn out for someone else; did they have horrible customer service or will this be easy if it doesn’t work out for me?” You can help to answer these questions for other shoppers by leaving a brief, thoughtful review!  

Positive Reviews

First and foremost, reviews let us, the business, know how we are doing. A positive review of our products and the work we do serves to remind our team that they are doing a good job. Words of encouragement and inspiration are good for any soul!


If you are not happy for any reason, please bear in mind that you should contact us before leaving a bad review. There is nothing constructive to be gained in giving a bad review if the business isn’t given a chance to rectify the problem. We are in a relationship, and we - customers and business - should be able to communicate when something goes wrong. It is not like we are strangers an ocean away. We are real people doing our work to the highest standards that we can. 

Why Share?

Secondly, when you tell us why you love your SOMs, or what you do in your SOMs, you help us to develop a better picture of who you, our customers, are. All communications with our customers provide us with feedback for future product development. We strive for excellent customer service and open communication; we are always here to answer any questions, listen to concerns, or help with the buying process. Never hesitate to reach out to us! 

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Help Fellow Shoppers

And last, but certainly not least, maybe the biggest reason for writing a review is that someone out there is shopping for a shoe for the same reason you did, or they are looking for a shoe to participate in the same activities as you. By leaving your review you’re helping them to decide whether or not to try a pair of SOMs. By sharing your real-life opinion and experience, you might just change someone’s life! People love to hear what other people are saying so why not share what you think? With the world becoming so digital, this is how ‘word of mouth’ spreads in the age of the interweb. 

So the next time you make a purchase, I hope you remember this blog and take a little time to leave a review. You never know how much impact your thoughts could have on someone, or just how much the business will appreciate it. 

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