SOM - Versatile Minimalist Shoes

The team at SOM have always had the idea that our shoes are a versatile minimalist shoe that can be worn for numerous activities. We found out that most of our customers wear their shoes every day and never want us to stop making shoes. When we get questions on the timeframe it takes for resoling, a customer will usually say “I can’t be without my SOMs for long. I don’t want to wear any other shoes”. We have even been asked: “Do you rent shoes while you resole them?”

In a recent survey we conducted, we asked our customers to specify their activities when they wear their SOMs. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that SOMs are not only an “everything” type of shoe, but that there is a seemingly endless list of activities, which is quite impressive. From urban walking to swing dancing to trail hiking to fencing to mountain biking to running, SOMs are worn for all types of activities and adventures. Whether our shoes are worn as travel shoes or dress shoes, our beloved customers are proving SOMs to be a versatile minimalist shoe.

The team here also wears their SOMs for many different activities. Nathalie, SOM’s co-founder,  wears hers every day, including for running and hiking. Trust me...she runs many miles in her SOMs. Shayna, SOM’s head seamstress, loves her SOMs so much she wears them for everything from work to gardening--they are the only shoes she wears. She explained that on one occasion when she didn’t want to get her Flare shoes dirty, she wore a pair of conventional shoes - which made her feet hurt. Grimma, our seamstress, she likes to wear hers to work and for walking.

II find my SOMs to be a very comfortable, versatile minimalist shoe that I wear every day to work, for recreational walking,  and for fishing and hiking on weekends. When my SOMs get dirty, I simply wash them - which is another pro when it comes to an “everything, everyday” type of shoe. Yes...did you know SOMs are machine washable? Just toss in the washing machine and air dry (no direct heat).

Watch Olie, our Shoemaker, in this short video as he demonstrates some of his many activities while wearing his SOMs. He shows how he wears them for work, for play, and  for exercising. In short, it’s SOMs all day, every day for any activity for our team.

When I am looking for a versatile minimalist shoe, there are many features that I consider.  The overall comfort is one factor, especially if my feet are going to be in my shoes for long periods of time. I do wear my shoes all day, every day no matter what I am doing.  Color may be another consideration when it comes to dress shoes or work shoes. Do the shoes have great traction on slippery surfaces yet can also be worn as dress shoes? Durability is also important, especially when the intended activity is more rugged, such as trail hiking, cross-fit or parkour. I want to be able to wear my shoes for zumba as well as for trail hiking.  One more important factor I like to consider is whether the shoes are made in the USA. In our survey, our customers made it clear that they want SOM to continue to make their minimalist shoes in the USA. For me, SOM superbly delivers all the features I am looking for in a versatile minimalist shoe. What features are important to you?

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