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With every SOM step, two missions drive our stride forward: to connect our customers to the joys of being barefoot in a pair of sneakers, and to provide unmatched service in their journey to find the perfect pair. From one free resizing/return to $5 off every new purchase, Shipping Prime has granted our customers benefits no other shoe company can deliver. We want every foot to be happy when they choose our soles, and sometimes that comes by providing more choice. Because of this, moving forward, we will offer two options when your cart reaches the checkout line: “Standard Shipping” or “FREE Shipping with SOM VIP.”

Online shopping and free shipping are the peanut butter and jelly of the 21st Century, and we must adapt, evolve, and keep pace with the ever-sprinting digital marketplace. While rising delivery costs are an ever-present challenge, we believe this change is important, not just for the growth of SOM, but for our customers’ right to choose.

For those who are not interested in resizing exchanges and who don’t mind returning shoes at their own expense, we offer Standard Shipping, one-way, domestic ground shipping to any of the lower 48 states. This will save you a little money, but will not come with direct exchanges or repeat benefits and any refunds will be of the retail price only. If you know your size and just want to buy, this is the option for you.

For more information on our updated Shipping policies, please click here.

For more information on our updated Exchange and Return policies, please click here.

SOM VIP includes free shipping and the ability to exchange to resize your shoes for free.

For those who have enjoyed the rewards of Shipping Prime, SOM VIP for $24.95 (presently) delivers the same unparalleled incentives at the same Prime cost while being 100% Risk Free. When you choose Free Shipping with SOM VIP, you will earn one year of exclusive benefits:

  • FREE SHIPPING on shoes for a year!
  • One free exchange to find that perfect fit!
  • $5 off every next pair of full-priced SOMs purchased within your VIP year!
  • One free resoling after your second, full-priced shoe purchase.
  • Early access to new models! See and buy them before anyone else.

SOM VIP is good for one year, and its savings will be manually applied after checkout, so you’ll never have to worry about coupons or codes; we’ve got you covered. When you’re near the end of your VIP year, we'll email you a reminder to renew by choosing FREE Shipping with SOM VIP on your next purchase.

If you are already a member of Shipping Prime, your Prime benefits will continue for the remaining time left on your membership. Once your year of Prime has ended, you will need to choose SOM VIP at checkout to continue receiving customer benefits.

We know change isn’t easy because change can be new or risky or different, but by giving people the choice to purchase what they want and renew benefits when they want, we hope to create a customer experience as flexible as our footwear.


  • The resoling is not time sensitive whit the SOM VIP membership length. We will add this precision to the policy. Thank you.

    SOM Team
  • Thank you for your question. We support local non-profits as much as we can and on a regular basis. We will update our FAQ page in that regard. Thank you.

    SOM Team
  • What organizations do you support?

    R. Durn
  • This is a great option for repeat customers who do already know what size they need/want! =)
    Is there a time limit on the resoling with the VIP membership? Or is that good for the life of the shoe?

    Thank you!


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