Customer Service: Why SOM is the BEST (a partially biased blog).

Not everyone feels comfortable buying shoes online, and we get that! In order to make the process of buying shoes on the web as seamless and enjoyable as possible we focus on providing excellent customer service.

Although our team is small and we don't have a dedicated customer service representative, each of our employees strive to deliver customer support that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Owner Nathalie Bouchard providing outstanding customer service.

We receive a lot of inquiries via our contact form or email (the best way to reach us), and we answer each of them diligently, in a timely manner, to make sure all concerns are addressed appropriately.

For some people it is important to speak with a real person, so we provide you with that option as well! Although it is not possible for us to take every call during the day, we make sure to return each call at the end of the day. Don't be surprised if it is one of the owners that returns your call! Whether you have a question about the shoes (anything from "which shoe would be best for [activity]?" to "what is the thickness of your outsole?") or if you just need help placing your order, the SOM Team is always happy to assist you!

People who are hesitant to buy sneakers online are often worried that the shoes won't fit or that they will need to go through a big hassle to return them. We wouldn't want to buy shoes online if they wouldn't be easy to return and we think that you shouldn't have to either!

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee we offer free returns and exchanges. If you need a different size, color or model, simply shoot us an email and we'll send you an exchange label. Send back your new, unworn shoes (at no cost to you) and get the pair you really want! Totally changed your mind about your purchase and need to make a return? No problem. Not only will we pay for your return shipping and give you a full refund, we'll also refund the money you originally paid for shipping. That's right, you get to try them out completely risk free in the comfort of your own home! I guess you can say we are pretty confident that you'll love our shoes!

Do your feet have special needs? We understand your frustration and try our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible. We think that everyone should have access to healthy, comfortable footwear so if we can modify a pair of shoes to help someone in need we are always happy to try!

We appreciate and treasure all of our customers. Did you know that we offer all of our repeat customers a $5 discount? We've also been throwing in free shipping! So if a $20 total discount on your second, third or fourth pair of SOMs isn't enough, we also give you the opportunity to make some cash back on your purchase. For every new customer that you refer to us, we'll send you a check for $5. It's our way of thanking you for helping us grow.

The reason why I said this blog is only partially biased is because we have pages and pages of testimonials to back us up! Check them out or order a pair of SOMs and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself!

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