4 Reasons You Get Your Money’s Worth With SOM Footwear

4 Reasons You Get Your Money’s Worth With SOM Footwear
By: Tammy Kulpa
July 30th, 2015

1.) All of our shoes are handcrafted just for you.

SOM Footwear is handcrafted in the USA specifically for YOU.

Did you know that all of our shoes are made on demand? That’s right, when Heather Kain places her order, Heather's shoes are produced just for her. We even put her name right on the tag. By producing on demand only, we are able to reduce our waste and pay closer attention to detail.

2.) Other American made sneakers retail between $200- 260. (source: Footwear News)

At just $128, our sneakers are a great value and feature the highest quality materials in our industry (like spacer mesh, CORDURA® fabric and Vibram rubber soles).

3.) Healthy footwear is a lot cheaper than surgery. Comfortable American made shoes by SOM Footwear.Above: Bunions caused by wearing conventional footwear with a tapering toe box. Source: Dr. Neal Blitz

Conventional footwear is the worst thing that has happened to our feet. Wearing improper footwear over extended periods of time can cause bunions, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciosis and Capsulitis. Treatment and surgery to correct these issues are costly, and the hospital bills aren’t the only painful part… Click here to read why podiatrists recommend SOM Footwear.

4.) SOM Footwear are “everything” shoes.

When you think about how many activities you can do in your SOMs, it’s easy to see that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

A recent SOM customer survey reveals that the majority of SOM owners wear their shoes for more than they originally intended. Popular activities reported include:

-casual/everyday wear,
-running (both trail and road),
-mountain biking,
-light hiking,
-river rafting,
-gym workouts,
-running errands,
-walking the dog,
-work (airport staff, nurses, and landscapers love them)
and even parkour and street performing.

When you stop and consider how many pairs of shoes ONE pair of SOMs could replace, you might wonder why you didn’t buy a pair sooner.

Hiking near Grand Junction, Colorado in SOM Footwear.


Let’s put some icing on the cake. We offer two ways to get cash back on your purchase just by being a loyal customer.

1.) Repeat customer discount.

SOM Footwear repeat customer discount.

We know firsthand that once you go SOM, you don’t go back (click here to read our blog about SOM Addiction). That’s why we offer a repeat customer discount of $5. Save $5 off every new pair of SOMs you purchase on our website.

2.) Referral Program.

SOM Footwear referral program.

Love your SOMs? Help us spread the word and we’ll give you cash back. Every time a customer tells us that you referred them when making their purchase, we’ll send you a check for $5. It’s that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Try a pair of SOMs risk free (free returns and exchanges) today!

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