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Happy feet from SOM Footwear.

SOM knows that not everyone has happy feet! Our versatile fashion sneakers take every little piggy into account to deliver maximum comfortability while rediscovering your original Sense of Motion. Photo Credit- Shutterstock


Do you have a hard time finding comfortable shoes that feel natural because your feet have special needs? Are your tootsies two different sizes? Do your hooves have bunions? Are your little piggies suffering from capsulitis? Are you plagued with arthritis or hyperhidrosis? The SOM Team is here to help- and here’s how.

Common Foot Issues

According to, about 60% of the population has two different sized feet. Although the difference in size is not noticeable enough for most people to justify the hassle of buying pairs of shoes in two different sizes, it is an issue for many! It is recommended that if the length of your feet is at least 1 1/2 sizes different, you should order two different size shoes. SOM makes this process easy and there is no additional cost- however, your custom made shoes will be non-refundable.

Bunions, corns and hammertoes can be painful- and trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes can be even more painful! While the medical community is still uncertain about the exact cause of bunions, one probable cause is wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. We hear all the time that our roomy toe box makes SOM fashion sneakers the perfect shoe for those dealing with these types of ailments! The spacious toe box allows your foot to spread out and relax as you step, relieving a lot of that pressure you feel when wearing a standard shoe. Relieving this pressure and discovering your original sense of motion has also been known to benefit people with capsulitis (inflammation of the capsule, usually the second toe).

Talk About Versatility!

When we first started making our own sneakers, we had no idea that our fashion shoes would bring so much comfort and relief to those with foot or back issues. SOM fashion sneakers are great for outdoor adventures- but they also provide slipper like comfort, making them perfect for everyday wear. Our zero drop flat sole ensures a natural posture and the removable inner sole allows for the placement of corrective devices, if necessary. People with hyperhidrosis also appreciate the breathable materials used in our uppers. 

Whether you enjoy walking, cycling, shopping, dancing, street performing, yoga, pickleball, parkour, crossfit, hiking, climbing or peak bagging the local fourteeners, SOM footwear can help you discover your original sense of motion!

It's All About YOU

Our team absolutely LOVES to get your feedback! How have our shoes helped YOU? We are constantly evolving to better suit your needs, and we want you to be involved in our innovative process. Share your story with us below! 


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