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Outlet Store

Things here are busy; there is much happening at SOM Footwear. We will once again be opening our outlet store on Friday, January 30, 2015 from 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Our store is located at 1006 N Cascade Ave. in Montrose, Colorado. We plan on opening the outlet store once a month for now. We will keep you posted about the dates.

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Fun At SOM!

Besides normal business, the SOM Team has fun also. SOM Footwear was a proud sponsor of the Montrose Turkey Trot, a fundraiser for the San Juan Mountains Runners Club. We were all able to participate, of course we were there with SOM on our feet. Participants were running, walking, some were children, dogs, and some were pushing strollers. We didn’t win any prizes but had fun, which was our main goal and the weather was great. Of course our feet were happy and comfortable. There were many participants and much interest was shown in our footwear. According to the Montrose Daily Press, there were approximately 400 participants this year’s event, which was a record. The Turkey Trot offered a 2 or 4 mile walk or run, of course most of us are not runners like Nathalie, and so we walked the short course. Thanks Nathalie for being patient with the rest of us.

Customer Response

According to a recent customer survey, people who have purchased our footwear would purchase
another pair. We have listened to our customers and what they are wanting. As a result some our shoes will be retiring as new styles are coming out of our factory.

Featured Footwear


The SP-L2 has the same comfortable, durable qualities of our SP-L but with some improvements. There is an extra layer of EVA to provide more cushioning for rough terrain without compromising the barefoot feel, a very subtle change. We've also added a leather strip to provide extra eyelet reinforcement while also making the shoes look even more sophisticated.

American Made Shoes by SOM Footwear


Our SP-L3 has the same features as our SP-L2 but without the extra padding between the sole and the insole for our purist customers who like the barefoot feel. They come in a variety of colors to choose from to fit you taste and style. 

American Made Shoes by SOM Footwear

SP-L3 Classic-Produced on demand

We have listened to our loyal customers and are pleased to announce our SP-L3 Classic. It is a more classic version of our footwear that can be worn when sneakers are not appropriate, but of course does provide the same comfort our footwear is known for. It is constructed of an all-black leather breathable upper, Vibram sole, and EVA inner sole. The SP-L3 Classic comes with an optional bamboo viscose lining, providing extra warmth and has excellent wicking abilities.

American made all leather shoe by SOM Footwear.

From the time you order the SP-L3 Classic, you will need to give us 1-3 weeks for them to arrive at your door. These shoes are created for you when you order them. This will ensure that your new footwear is up to SOM standards of quality giving them the same attention that is given to all of our products.

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition Footwear is going fast-get yours before they run out. The only difference between them and our SP-L is the thick leather strip that replaces the eyelets for the laces (thicker than on the SP-L3), providing a different look. These shoes can only be purchased in our outlet store.


Our CAM-L will be retiring. It features the thicker sole and a Weather Max65/ Cordura upper. Of course it has the same comfort and quality that you would expect from SOM Footwear. The CAM-L also comes with a firmer sole and is perfect for casual wear, as it is not as flexible as our active sneakers.

Growing Awareness

As the company grows more people are becoming aware of our product. People are curious about the shoe factory in Montrose. We are reaching more media and more media is contacting us, as they hear about our minimalist footwear with the barefoot feel.

Our footwear can also be purchased locally at Nina Suzanne’s located at 336 E Main Street in Montrose, Colorado.

Soon to be sold locally in Telluride. Where? It’s our secret for now. 

We will keep you posted.

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