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“Natural healing” studies show that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself; it does it so naturally, most times, we don’t even have to think about it. When we get a cut, the body immediately bleeds and flushes the wound of bacteria and debris; even untreated, a small cut can heal on its own. Conscious adjustments to our natural state too can affect us in positive ways. As an example,controlled breathing exercises slow heart-rate which in turn has calming effects on the mind. The body is a truly amazing instrument of being; over time humanity has discovered that there is a mind/body connection.

Since the dawn of man, we have sought to care for our bodies and get as much possible life out of them as humanly possible.We have used the most advanced machines, trial and error, as well as countless years of study to try and understand, predict and enhance the body. Although newer and more technologically equipped, western medicine lacks the insight and understanding that is embodied in the century old medicine practices in Indian, Chinese,& Japanese cultures. (Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Reiki to name a few...) 

The foot is one of the more complex pieces of the human form; alone the foot consists of 26 individual bones and on the sole contains access to the whole bodies energetic fuse box.

Reflexology- how your feet are connected to the rest of your body.

               Have you ever had a foot massage and felt a tingle in another part of your body? 

That is just an example of how the bodies electrical system is wired. Our feet take us where we want to go, it is important to take care of them in return. Running and walking may seem like the most natural activities, yet there are still volumes of information on how the foot and body "could be improved"  to move in a way that is painless and enhances posture.

Everyone’s feet are a little different, but more so, they are similar. Without the full appreciation of the foot’s natural perfection we slide into extra padded, arch enhanced shoes.

Padded and arched shoes do a disservice to the natural posture and alignment of the foot.

Special foot situations aside, Jim Hixson makes an interesting point when he says:

” Supporting the arch leads to weakness and imbalance of the surrounding musculature.The muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia of the foot are no different from the same types of tissue in other parts of the body.Think of a supportive shoe as you would a splint or cast.If you remove a cast from an arm after a broken bone has healed, the muscles will be weaker and there will be a diminished range of motion in the area of the nearest joint.A stable/stiff shoe will have a similar effect on the muscles of the foot.Feet that are supported by shoes will be weaker, muscularly imbalanced and less responsive than the feet of people who are barefoot or wear minimal shoes”

              We’ve all heard the expression “don’t fix what isn’t broken”; well, until recently I had never considered the fact that the padded arch may be more of interference than an enhancement.I have noticed that my heel has less of an inclination to roll inwards or outwards when making a sudden sprint or walking on uneven surfaces now that I use both types of footwear. If the roll was from over using arch support it makes sense to me how having a close-to-the-earth, zero differential shoe can help me regain that muscle and strengthen my natural posture.

You know the feeling of going barefoot!

It’s invigorating and fun; it’s a sense awakening activity. 

You can use SOM footwear for any activity that you would feel comfortable and are confident enough to do barefoot. 

SOM sneakers are perfectly suitable for everyday wear and provide a slipper like comfort that's fashionable enough to wear outside the home or even at work for that matter! Some find them so comfortable they even wear them for  exercise and sport applications. 

You choose how to use your sneakers, based on your own unique needs and abilities. 

The gift of SOM FOOTWEAR is in getting you know and feel your feet in their natural state; it's an enjoyable process, take you time.

Take a walk in the grass, bury your feet in the sand, get in tune with your feet. 

Put on SOM, when your ready to come play.  Step into the balanced comfort of SOM. 

"Your original sense of motion awaits"

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