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We hear a lot about “buying local” and favoring “U.S. made goods”. 

Many people are aware that there is a movement that encourages buying local and U.S. made goods exclusively, however not everyone is fully versed in the reasons for doing so.

It’s not only a last ditch effort to rebuild the American economy from the inside; buying local and U.S. made as opposed to foreign made goods, creates less environmental impact

For a full list click on the "Top Ten link below" the reasons are more extensive that you can imagine.

               The U.S. is one of the leading powers in the global economy largely from outsourcing its manufacturing industry; it is a bit ironic that the focus has so urgently shifted back into favoring the very industries and artisan workforces that were forced out of business only decades ago. Despite the mistakes of the more recent past, there is a resurgence of interest and a soul warming appreciation of U.S. made industry goods that is beginning to blossom. 

               As a nation, it seems that we are becoming more aware of the impact of our simple and everyday decisions. Realizing that we have the privilege to make decisions that effect a greater whole is empowering.

We can't go back, only forward.

It's refreshing to see this forward thinking,future oriented thoughtfulness growing. 

Here at SOM Footwear it matters to us that our sneakers are made here in Colorado.

We say that “SOM footwear creates sneakers as bold and colorful people of Colorado” and we mean it. 

            We take pride in knowing where our sneakers came from.

We make footwear for the U.S. as well as the world, although, it’s not just footwear to us, it is a way to unite.           We have persevered in our dream to create this versatile line of sneakers, now we want to inspire others to persevere in their chosen activities as well. The story being created by Sense of Motion sneakers may represent the power of the people, to SOM. (no Margaret Mead quote needed here) 

A large percentage of our patrons are consciously aware that they are helping to renew the American nations prospect of sustainable communities, by supporting firsthand, the artisans who work within it.

With our down-to-earth footwear design including the land inspired color palate we are helping form the blaze the trail towards a more balanced,earth conscious, way of being.                                                                                                    It took one individual’s perseverance to hatch this dream, now it is time for us all to help it grow.

                                                                    WE ARE SOM REVOLUTION



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