The journey of SOM shoes has begun!  Our first orders are being fulfilled and we are tightening our laces for our big kick-off into the global market place.

In this video we invite you to watch the last phase of the shoes being processed.

It's been one dedicated and enthusiastic team that has brought the Sense Of Motion shoes to this place thus far, and now we are all engaged to reach onwards in our dream of providing U.S. made, Eco-conscious footwear to the active, creative people of today.

A Little About The Second Half

Nathalie Bouchard, who is the second half of SOM Footwear is also co-founder of a web directory that hosts a variety of great Colorado made goods.  It was second nature for Nathalie to share in the vision of creating SOM footwear with her partner Olie; together they have worked tirelessly in distilling their ideas and honing the vision and product of SOM Footwear.

SOM Shoes Reflect The Future

We are evolving and versatile, yet persistent in our goal of offering the most stylish, all purpose, hand-made, urban and sport: a shoe for people inspired by the original sense of motion.

Sense Of Motion footwear is here to inspire action with movements that reflect your passions and inspirations!  We believe in giving back to and serving our community; we look forward to seeing the things that you can accomplish and create in SOM Footwear.

We look forward to serving you - and your feet! - with innovative SOM Footwear.

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet." - James Oppenheim

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